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After such an Emotionally Gripping game, What do I play next?

I stated in my last two blogs just how affected I am By the Last of Us. It's a game I still can't stop thinking about. Ideas for sequels, reading how people felt about the ending. I'm obsessed. No Doubt I'll buy the DLC. On the other hand I wanted to write a Blog about why I hate Nintendo. But I can't start writing it without new reasons popping up almost every day now and I really want to be convincing in what scumbags Nintendo really are. It's really hard to write without showing bias. So that's on hold with a few paragraphs done.
I'm still at Holy Jihad with PC Gamers, NOT ANY PC GAMERS ON DESTRUCTOID if anything PC Gamers here have been pretty civil. I thank them for that and while I could just go on and on about it but there's nothing to say really, I might write about DOS Games in the future though.

So what am I going to talk about today? Well about deciding what to play next. After an emotional impactful game like the Last of US what is the next game to invest several weeks of your time in? Technically My next big game is going to be Dragon's Crown but that just appears to me as a pick up at any time Beat Em up. FINE BY ME! I'm also Importing Gundam Extreme VS, Aquapazza and the UK Release of Arcana Heart 3. But as far as narrative to invest in. I don't know so let me look at the candidates and why I'm considering them.


First up in What on earth do I play next is LA Norie. I like Film Noire. Chinatown is one of my favorite movies and a Video game version of Old Detective movies that isn't
Shadow gate:Noir version is pretty appealing. I don't really know anything about this game though I know it's very linear, there are no real consequences to screwing a Case up but I also know it's a Large and ambitious game. It's pretty far removed from mushroom people at the end of the world. So LA Noire is considered but I need to learn more about it before I make my choice.


The Last of Us pans out like a Western. Like a Video game version of John Wayne's The Searchers. I do have a recently found love of Westerns out of of the Sunset Riders and
the Capcom Classic Gunsmoke Western Video games aren't all that common. I never got to play the first Red Dead I wanted to but I never got around to it. I know more about this game than I do LA Noire, I know it's Open World I know it has a great story but that it also takes place in a Post Western era the early 1900s not the mid 1800s like so many classic Westerns. For that Reason I'm not really sure if it's worth it. Since technically it's a Post Western.


I'm not sure if you can get farther removed from The Last of US than Kingdom Hearts. You have sexualized teenage boys running around with Disney characters. "BUT YOUR HOLINESS." You shout "What is so sexualized about Sora and Roxas." WELL... I've been around awhile kiddies. I've seen enough fan porn and Yaoi to know that the character archtype of Teenage boy on a quest are almost ways packin elephant penis. But that disturbing mental image aside I skipped this game back in the day, It did not appeal to me in my 20s but now that I'm older a bit more into RPGs and a HUGE Disney fan I'm considering giving this one a go. Action RPGs are a thing that I can plunk a few hours into at least.

AND LASTLY the Front Runner:


Ghost in the Shell is one of my favorite animes. The Idea of what makes us Human has always been something I think about. This game from what I understand asks that issue and others. It's also probably the Starkest contrast to the Last of Us because it takes place in just about the same year the Last of Us does. It's an RPG that plays like an FPS but also has Stealth involved, It has you making moral choices. Plus frankly from what i've seen it looks bad ass. I initially held off on it due to it having DLC that more or less was required, but now with a Director's Cut coming to PS3, 360 and Wii U (PS3 is the version I'll get) with the DLC and some of the game's problems fixed It seems like a No brainer plus the Month's span between Dragon's Crown and this should give me plenty of time to beat monsters up as Boobie lady.

OH and I haven't forgotten about you 360. Someday soon I'm going to have to play Alan Wake with you. It's the only interesting Exclusive you have. 

But anyways there you go. A look into my through process in what to play next. I have plenty of Games and Anime to Play/Watch but that next big time investment it's a tough decision and I still have 7 years of PS3 games to catch up on too.
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