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PS3 Christmas list 4 U!

So if you have a ps3 here are the games that should've been on your list: 1. Midnight Club LA (if you wanted a racer) 2. COD5 (if you wanted a shooter) 3. LBP (if you're creative and love playing with friends) 4.Dead Space (if you like hor...


Skate - PS3 Review (Pop-it)

Tony Hawk dominated the skateboarding genre for years with Pro Skater. A few games of the same genre where made but failed... Then came Proving Ground, practically the same as THUG (Tony Hawks underground) except with a bit more polish. Als...


Video Games: Not that fun anymore

I was bored so I decided to post this. The other day I was playing some videogames and i thought, wow, this is extremely un-fun! I thought that was the point of games, to be fun! not to make you scream and shout in rage, then, continue to ...


Why Saints Row 2 is worse than GTA4

BEAT DOWN! I shout in my "manly" voice as I yet again, pummel a man to a puddle with a sledgehammer... This is my highlight of Saints Row 2, smacking people over the head with a sledgehammer. AND NO I'M NOT CRAZY! But nothing else compares ...


Far Cry 2 Multiplayer Review (By Pop-it)

Have you ever bought a video game just for the multiplayer? I haven't, but if I did buy this game for the multiplayer I wouldn't be disappointed! Let's get one thing straight this is not like COD4, yes the menus and classes may be similar b...


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My PS3 addy is scream_4_mercy. add me. I play LBP, Skate, Saints Row 2, Far Cry 2, Shaun White Snowboarding, Cod5, Wipeout HD and Pain. I have a headset.