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Be Kind Rewind

(Note: Please be gentle, this is my video game automobile racing diary and although it only began with Automobili Lamborghini and Beetle Adventure Racing I truly do love racing and the games it takes form in and this is my abridged diary.) ...


How Wall Street is just a game

I'll come right out and say it now. I've had too many alcoholic beverages, too many unrealistic dreams of grandeur, and thoughts of day trading success. So when I was finally confronted with a finance 420 class that required actual invest...


What's in a name? (part two)

One of the themes I've had bouncing around in my head for the last week or so is how games have to increase their sense of reality to the player and vastly improve upon storylines. I've heard that you can measure a game on whether or not i...


What's in a name?

An interesting thought came to mind after reading a topic on the destructoid forums concerning player names. It asked the question over whether or not players typically changed their character names and if so was it to their real name or a...


More musings on Rock Band

As I sit here composing my first blog post accompanied by my horribly stretched, non-banner image above I wonder. Who the hell was in charge of stress testing the instruments? Within the first week of play our band, Fancy Hat, broke the g...


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