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Podsumaki records in about 10 minutes!

That's right! KD, Rab, and de BLOO will be talking about shit again. We will probably talk about Street Fighter X Tekken, power rangers and Super Street Fighter IV once more. `But if our listeners want us to discuss other facets of the gen...


Podsumaki Episode 09: Mortal Kombat Special

Today is a very special episode with some very special guests. We've got three moderators and tournament players from three Mortal Kombat websites. They came on to discuss the classic games, the potential behind the Mortal Kombat reboot, ...


Podsumaki Episode 08: Mortal Freestyle

Welcome back to D-Toid's unofficial fighting game podcast, folks. The new prizes are now on display. We're also gonna take a new format and release the recording and release post at once. This episode recorded last week has no real subje...


Podsumaki 07 Re-Records Tonight

Some of you folks might be wondering where the latest episode of Podsumaki is. Well, KD went missing for a while and we decided to just re-record the episode. Just a quick news brief that the latest episode should be up by Thursday mornin...


Podsumaki Records Tomorrow Night

As always the Podsumaki crew will be gathering Monday at 06:00PM Pacific Time. Once again we'll pretend that your listener questions and contributions matter[de BLOO EDIT: Wry Guy is such a bitchfagget, me KD and RAB appreciate all the que...


Podsumaki Episode 06: The Marvel Versus Series

This week we've got Funktastic on the show to make him uncomfortable and talk about the Marvel Versus fighting games. Good times. We're gonna warn you right now that the latest episode of Podsumaki is pretty link intensive. It clocks in ...


Podsumaki Records Tonight - The Versus Series

Tonight at 06:00PM Pacific Time the crew will join together to discuss the Capcom Versus series. We're gonna try and cut down the episode length so it's more fun to listen to and record, so chances are we're doing a multi-part about the Ta...


Podsumaki Episode 05 records tonight! BlazBlue time!

Important announcement: Our BlazBlue guest hosts tonight might not be able to make it! If you're a fan of the series with knowledge of the BlazBlue mythology, competitive play, or just a general knowledge of Arksys fighters leave a messag...


A Podsumaki Special: The Street Fighter Storyline

We bring you this impossibly delayed episode of Podsumaki and promise starting Monday with our BlazBlue episode that we'll get back on track. We have a long list of guests scheduled for the show and we're hoping it'll be a good one. This ...


Podsumaki Episode 05 Records Tonight! Contribute!

We're bringing the fighting game talk another week, and it's looking like we'll be adding a new segment to the show. In fact, we have a special call for guest hosts tonight: If you happen to know the Street Fighter storyline particularly ...


Super Podsumaki Episode IV: X

Welcome back to the fightans talk, folks. Tonight we're apparently going to start a new contest for all the listeners. KD loves his fighting game music and wants to know if you do too. Six fighting game songs are playing through this epi...


Podsumaki Episode 04 Records Tonight

Another week, another episode of fightans talks. As what we plan to make a usual thing we're allowing everyone to do their part to contribute to the show in 3 or 4 different ways: Submit listener questions, always read by Bloo. Submit s...


Podsumaki Episode 03: Super Tourney Talking

Podsumaki, your favorite fighting game podcast keeps on rolling with some less Street Fighter specific topics. Still, because we get to talking about the professional tournament scene Street Fighter will inevitably come up. If you're inte...


Podsumaki Episode 03 Records Tonight

Hey, folks! Podsumaki, Destructoid's unofficial fighting game podcast here. We're going to be accepting listener questions and guest hosts for tonight. Tonight's episode is going to be about tournaments in general, especially ones regard...


Podsumaki Episode 02: Searching for Supah

Welcome to episode 2 of Podsumaki! Since we love guest hosts we've got Jonathan Ross on this time around. This week around we're experimenting with adding more structure to the show and we think it turned out pretty good. The episode's g...


Podsumaki Episode 01: WELCOME TO THE JAM

AAYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO So I heard Podtoid was down due to Samit farting on Brad's face, what better way to remedy this then by listening to a bunch of tards? Podsumaki(name is hella lame I know) is one them podcasts host...


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Welcome to Podsumaki, Destructoid's unofficial fighting game podcast. Every Monday at 6:00PM Pacific Time our main hosts gather to discuss fighters.

Permanent Hosts:
KD Alpha, Wry Guy, de BLOO, RAB.
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We love taking on guests. If you love the fightans and wanna guest-host on the show get in contact with the hosts, or leave a comment expressing your interest. Specialists are in demand. Whatever series you're most in love with, let us know and we may be able to arrange an episode with you in mind. Do not worry if you can't make it Monday nights. The hosts may be able to find a suitable time if you think you can contribute.

Due to a low episode count there won't be a July Music Contest. Senisan and MatCD have won the June contest. We'll be re-vamping the rules come next time we do this.

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