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The "Sam and Hunni" Demo is here!

As I mentioned earlier in the month, I mentioned that I was making a game and that the demo would be here. And today, that time has arrived. The Free Demo is available on Itch.io, and can be downloaded at no cost. It's an early Alpha build,...


Calm, Cool, and Collected

Hello everyone. It;s been awhile since I was here. When we last spoke, I had stated that my reason for leaving was about learning about the Gamergate scandal, and that the editoral staff at DToid were involved. Well, is been a time, an...


Not coming back.....

Reason: Gamergate. My digital heart is broken over such bias.  Really do NOT want to be a member if this group.  You can find me on the Twitter @PlayBoyMan, @PlayBoyMan and @PervMachine. Goodbye DToiders. -PBM


Goodbye Dtoid Blog.....For Now.

I have been so busy with all of my other projects that I haven't had the time to manage this blog on DToid. So I have made the choice to just stop blogging here. I'll still be a member of Dtoid, but I won't blog here.  I have a number of ...


A Video Game is a Video Game....

I had read an article about A "Video Game Church" over at the Dtoid Facebook Group. While I did find the post amusing, it did bother me a bit, which resulted in this comment, and a reply: A Good point and counterpoint, and I came up with...


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I'm that Gaming/Blogging/Moving Watching/ Indie Game Making dude on the Twitter who LOVES BIG BOOBIES !! Not to worry, I'll behave myself on Destructoid...And I will be bringing the funny.

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