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Why I'm thinking about switching to PC.

[Above: Not me, but it's my dream to live in South Park!] I game on my PS3, and I love it like crazy! So why would I want to make the switch to PC? Well let me start off with the reasons why I would like to make the switch. Every generat...


My relationship with Nintendo.

I have struggled a lot with my own views on Nintendo for years now. You might know what I'm talking about if you have read some of my comments on articles; some posts might of seemed positive and intelligent, while others seemed negative ...


PSP games remastered to PS3? What the hell?

So my shitty laptop decided to shutdown on me right when I was about to save a draft, I lost everything :( No worries though, I think I remember most of what I had said :P ------------------------------ Sony has announced a new line of PS3...


The question- What did you do this weekend?

I wanted to make this blog a week or two ago, but I was too distracted by other things. (Porn for example) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...


"Greatest Hits" cases turn me away.

I love my games, and I love my game cases! Sadly, I can't buy every game I want new. Luckily games prices change as time goes on; and if enough people buy the game, a "greatest hit" version of the game will become available. (Most game comp...


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