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A cast of Thousands: Dante

Way back in 2001, a little game was released by Capcom named Devil May Cry. I just so happened to be patrolling the local blockbuster for new releases when I spotted this little gem. Guy with a sword? Check. Shotgun? Check. Made by Capcom? ...


What is a Gamer?

I'm sure we have all asked ourselves this at one time or another. As i've watched the gaming industry through gaming magazines, TV, and the internet, i've seen the term grow to encompass a much larger crowd than I ever thought possible. I r...


Gaming has shaped a lot of who I am.

Today, I was playing some Street Fighter 2. Yes, crusty and old, but I love it. I got to thinking while playing. The games I have played in my life have influenced me a lot. In school, work, my social interaction, my ideals, and my goals. G...


Hello good folks! Hope to make an impact.

Or at least as much as I can in my small area. A little bit about me: I live in Montana. I am a hardcore gamer, manga/anime enthusiast (to put it softly,) and an avid reader. Totally out of shape, but i'm working on it with some Martial Ar...


About Pizzakillerone of us since 1:42 AM on 07.09.2008

Montana Hardcore Gamer.

Favorite Game Types: RPG, Fighting, FPS, Action, Strategy.

I am up for just about any game as long as it is entertaining.

Favorite Series: Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, Devil May Cry, Disgaea, Halo.

Playing now: Halo 3, GTA4, Guitar Hero 3.

At the moment, i'm in a bit of a bind with my gaming collection. A lot of it is in Arkansas, with my former roomates. I have lost contact with them and i'm trying to get in touch with them to send my stuff back to Montana. Still have a DS and 360 though.

Let's have fun with photos!

From my adventures and Vana'diel. My linkshell. My best birthday ever.

My best friend Bahamutx doing his favorite hobby. Sleeping. I am just loving it, as you all can see.

My good friend Wik and I doing BCNM 20. We own.

Me going crazy on bunnies. Oh, i'm not cruel. Ask anyone who has played FFXI. They will tell you NEVER turn your back on these vicious creatures.

One of my favorite moments. Bahamutx and I join forces to take on a dragon. Pure AWESOME.

Ky Kitske. From Guilty Gear. Exceptional skill with lightning. One of the most bad ass French cops you'll ever meet. The ONLY bad ass french cop you will see. =) Interesting note: his belt buckle says "Hope."

Sol Badguy. From Guilty Gear. Real name is Frederick. Not much for words, but when your this awsome, why speak? Gifted with fire attacks. His belt buckle says "Free".

Who DOESN'T recognize this dude? Ok... it's Ryu of Street fighter fame! One of my major inspirations. Ryu does not back down. EVER. He lives for the fight and the fight alone. If he loses, it is only motivation to get stronger. We can all take a page from Ryu.

Sato of Welcome to the NHK! fame. Probably my one of my favorite anime of all time. I can relate to this guy, being hikikomori. Everyone who considers themselves a fan of anime and manga needs to check this series out.

Ichigo and Renji of Bleach repute. One of the best series out there for pure awesome. Nothing I can say will ever describe the win that is this story.

Yet another anime series which will blow your mind. This one is more for the mindgames type. About a high schooler who finds a notebook laying on the ground one day. Through a series of events, he learns that every person whos name is written down in the notebook will die. But instead of throwing away the book, he decides to dole out his own justice. Interested? Good. Go read/watch. Worth every second.