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The dark side of my tablet

Last week I got a Nexus 7 and talked about it. I got it to meet basic computing needs my laptop was no longer meeting. I thought that by getting this I would have to delay my conquest of Final Fantasy VI and Persona 3 Portable until I got a new Vita and now here I am...

So yeah, I turned to the dark side of the tablet and I'm resuming my journey through said games, just from scratch. I couldn't stay pure and saintly about my gaming this time.

I felt it had to be done. The generic, uniform feel of many mobile games was making me numb. There are only so many Candy Crush or Puzzles and Dragons clones I can take. Were it not for Star Wars: Tiny Death Star and Plants vs. Zombies 2 I might have gone insane before going this route - and while all those games are nice, they don't scratch my RPG itch at all. Not like this or P3P does.

So in keeping with the Star Wars theme I'm going with here I'm just "smuggling" my games to my tablet. It is piracy but its piracy of (mostly) things I already have so smuggling sounds good.  It's less of a dark side choice and more a scoundrelly Han Solo decision. A mildly Renegade Shepard choice for the Star Wars uninitiated.

Plus it also gives me the excuse to play this, finally, since it never saw a US release anyway:

Its also gotten me to try some games, such as the Summon Night series, which I had not heard of or tried in years past. Discovering these games and others has had the curious effect of me adding them to my Amazon wishlist.

I try something and if I like it, I'm adding things to wish lists and before you know it I'm hunting through indie games stores for the stuff. Even with Napster back in the day it was like this for me - download some MP3s and then it was off to the record store. Though back then I also did that to lure record labels into sending promos to my campus newspaper because we did music reviews. Turns out that actually worked since those papers got to them and we had an online version of the paper.

Some "dark side" my piracy turns out to be. At this rate I'll be blowing all my money. Perhaps Tiny Death Star got it right - The Dark Side is really just in bed with everyday capitalism.
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