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Tablets, streaming, chibi Kanji and other things.

So I got this Nexus 7 thing today. My laptop ceased to be reliable, money is tight and sadly some sacrifices had to be made - namely my PS Vita and a couple games. Good news is I spent no cash on the tablet and most of my Vita stuff was digital, so my PSN games will live to fight another day.

Sadly, Pokemon X was a casualty, too. I did finish the main campaign and catch MewTwo, but I'd be lying if I said I'm a competitive player. Once I was in the Battle Maison and told Xerneas and Mewtwo were banned from that mode offline, I started to lose some Interest. When it comes to single player content, I want my freedom, not to be trained for how other people expect me to play competitively online.

Unless we're talking a co-op online game, anyway. I'd actually prefer Dark Souls beat people's heads in via single-player if they want to co-op online because I don't want to invite a phantom liability. I just don't think competitive strategy should be forced on single player offline stuff.

Anyway, I have plenty of games to attend to in the meantime - its just my completion of FFVI and plans to play some Persona games were postponed as a result of the Vita sacrifice. Not happy about it, I was about to be reunited with Gau on the Veldt and do my FemC P3 playthrough, but those will have to wait. I also wrote that sentence to remember WTF I was doing in FFVI.

I've been thinking once things are a bit more stable for me that I may get into live streaming and, more importantly, video editing. As weird as the PS Vita TV idea is to me, its more compatible with that stuff than a Vita is so maybe I'll get the Vita TV thing when it is out.

I'm still looking into what I'll need for video-based stuff. I'm not some kid going into this thinking a PS4 and Battlefield 4 would be all they need to strike gold. I am not sure if I want "internet fame" as much as the video editing skills, anyway. I also realize streaming or LPing RPGs - my primary interest - could be really boring when done incorrectly so I'm thinking about ways to address that before going in.

I say this because I've watched plenty of LPs to know that showing every damn random encounter and constantly running back to an inn for cheap heals just wastes the viewer's time. I know that if I was stuck in an RPG and were to watch an LP for help, I would not want to see those things but instead stuff like beating bosses, getting past obstacles, finding good loot and such. I don't want a Fallout video where someone is just spending half the video reverse-pickpocketing grenades and dynamite into people's pants for giggles. I want to see the real highlights, not people just goofing around.

The "goofing around" crowd seems to already be locked down anyway. I think screwing around and shooting the shit works better with live streams when you're still learning a game and showing it off. I like watching them sometimes! It is why I have a Twitch account now.

But with LPs... not so much. I mean, different people play things different ways and that's fine, but I think you need to consider your audience and what they might want if you really want one at all.

My biggest personal concern is bringing my trans*iness online that much further - barring that, I've been artfully dodging cameras all my life anyway - but again, I'm mostly looking to use games to practice video-editing skills. That's where its going to start regardless.

The Persona announcements the Sunday were cool. I'm mostly interested in Persona Q for the mash up of P3 and P4, the chibi Etrian Odyssey art style and its dungeon mechanics meeting the gameplay of the Persona games.

Also, a Chibi Kanji plushie needs to be a preorder bonus.

I get the feeling it might be the last time we see  the PS2 era gameplay stylings of the series as we move on to Persona 5 on PS3... plus I think just the dance game would have been a terrible send-off for those characters..

Anyway, that's what's going on with me. I intend to be ready for PQ, P4A2 and P5 when they hit next year. Hopefully everything will back in order well before then.

In the meantime, I'll be doing some Soul Hackers and playing the Zelda Oracle games since I never finished those!
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