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Shortblog: Bleh... can I get a holy water here?

Been sick the last couple days. I don't know what I have, but I know I caught it from one of my friends at Gamestop. Even with the recent purge of my 360 and the games I paid off with it, I've found myself scheming ways to obtain a PS Vita or Wii U. So I got sick for scheming, basically. Whatever the case, I've felt like a zombie.

Not really much blogging this week for me and my mind can't stick with the grind in SMT Nocturne, so I've more or less just wrapped up in a blanket and stared at the laptop or played New Super Mario Bros. 2 in short bursts.

I also keep bugging my friends at Gamestop to see if Fire Emblem Awakening came in yet. Since the manager was nice enough to make others there sick, I can still go there and pick it up without worry of making the other people there sick. I usually don't understand the people that come to a job sick - I just call in sick and screw the doctor's note because its not elementary school - but corporate is really stingy with hours when it comes to Gamestop and managers/assistant managers are left with no choice but to show up.

But I was just seasonal at best there a long while back so I can talk shit about corporate. I like the people that work at my local Gamestops, but corporate sucks.

That aside, it has felt nice to see my promoted blog so well received. I was reluctant about greenlighting it, but I figured if it could help or inform others - why not? Seeing so much positive feedback did my heart some good as well as help me briefly forget this cold, flu or whatever this is.

With any luck, I'll be in good shape to tackle the final stretch of SMT Nocturne again, I still have a few fusions I need to take care of - and restock on Light Balls because I never keep anything with the Lightoma skill around. Turns out stumbling around in the dark doesn't get you far.

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