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Short attention span gaming!

So I have not exactly been focused on one game of late. My attention's been shooting off in several directions. I guess some of this is due to some recent emotional rollercoasters and some of it is just from letting myself get off on a tangent or several.

I think some of it was also me picking up a PS Vita this month and having part of my digital backlog back on the table. There's quite a bit there. Since replaying Castlevania: Symphony of the NIght and Super Metroid are annual or semi-annual traditions for me, SOTN is one game to get me off-track from other games I was playing. Playing Fire Emblem: Awakening got me thinking about Final Fantasy Tactics and so I loaded that up to my Vita, too.

I'm trying to rotate Persona 4 Golden, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Castlevania;SOTN and I still have that daunting final stretch of SMT Nocturne to finish that all this other stuff derailed me from I even somehow squeezed in the first hour of Final Fantasy VIII and X-2 and later Dissidia Duodecim. I don't know why, I just did. And then I played Ninja Gaiden on my 3DS Virtual Console, Gunman Clive and also Jetpack Joyride on the PS Vita. Why not?

And just before Etrian Odyssey IV was in my hands Steam updates! I click Legend of Grimrock and the Direct X for that suddenly updates and fixes my crash problems for that game, So then I'm poking around the first dungeon in that and wishing I had some graph paper. Thanks to the EO series I just don't feel right if a game like that auto-maps for me now.

And then yesterday I'm trailed off again, playing EOIV and downloading Persona 3 Portable and also playing that..

Somehow within all that the first game I finish this year is New Super Mario Bros. 2, so at least I've gotten something done. Thank you, Mario. Your platforming antics still help focus my attention in one place.

Interestingly Paper Mario: Sticker Star is the only game I picked up this month that I didn't try out yet. Seeing as Mario kept me on-task before... nah, it should wait
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