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Pixie's Quest: Reassessed, fused with demons and sent out to war.

Some pixies just want to watch the world burn.

I think my original concepts for my quest this year were a bit too ambitious in scope and possibly displaying a total lack in focus as well. The announcement of Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem for Wii U changed things a great deal for my quest this year, to say nothing of the prospect of Soul Hackers and perhaps SMT IV arriving this year as well To top it all off, Fire Emblem appears to be back and in great shape, so why not throw a few of those in as well?

This is going to be a long-term affair with occasional updates, obviously. The games from my prior line-up, rest assured, will be dealt with but I've decided to push SMT and Fire Emblem to the forefront not only because SMT is one of my favorite franchises, but I have a bit of uncharted territory left in both as well - Fire Emblem especially.

Special Note: I don't intend for the Persona series to be part of this journey. It gets more than enough love and attention. I may at some point, provided I obtain a PS Vita, include Persona 2: Innocent Sin and Persona 4 Golden, but otherwise there will be very little or no Persona talk. I love the series, but its still the spin-off franchise and I want to focus more on the hardcore side of the series.

What I currently have access to on the SMT side is shown above. There's a distinct lack of PS2 Devil Summoner in there, but that will be addressed in time. In additional to Soul Hackers and the the inevitable SMTIV, I'm going to endeavor to try to play the original two SMTs.

I will purchase the iOS versions out of respect for the creators, but otherwise I'm just going to download some emulated versions with fansubs. Not how I want to do it, but there really isn't another viable option out there as the iOS versions are both in Japanese.

As for Fire Emblem, I'll just be starting with Awakening and likely focusing on the handheld entries from here on out. I also have The Sacred Stones as a 3DS Ambassador. It probably won;t set me back to much to find a backlit GBA and the original western release or Shadow Dragon for the DS, either, but I'm going to leave one of those two as optional. One Fire Emblem game is monstrous enough, two isn't unfathomable, three is just pushing it and four is insane.

Etrian Odyssey will remain on tap, but I've decided I'm not going to pressure myself with deadlines for it.

Currently I'm on still on the final stretch SMT Nocturne, having flagged the True Demon path and ascending the final tower. Hope to talk more on that soon. Once that's done I'll be picking up with Digital Devil Saga. Since Fire Emblem comes soon and I'm also near the end of Devil Survivor Overclocked, I'm giving that some attention as well. I'm on the 7th day and still not experienced the 8th day scenario so that should be fun. Once that's done, I can plunge into Fire Emblem Awakening.

Enough talk, I'm getting on task!

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