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Dibs on Froakie, you say? That's cool, I'll go green with Chespin!

You know, at first I was ready to swear my allegiance to Team Water in Pokemon again. I always defer to Water Types but think its time to get out of the pool and into the forest once more. Plant types have often been boring or weak and while Snivvy hat some smug appeal about it I find Chespin to be more charming with its otter-like features, plant mantle, cute buckteeth and clawed feet. You can just see it noming some celery sticks and carrots - with ranch dressing of course, because that's how we will roll.

So I'm going green - Chespin, I choose you!

While Oshawott is who I'll stick with for now (or when I pick up B/W anyway) I'll be taking Chespin next because he looks more awesome and much less depressed. No one likes to be around a downer forever and I did catch Oshawott trying to cut himself once. Chespin makes me smile while Oshawott leaves me a little perturbed.

While water is certainly a nice thing, without plants to soak it up and to photosynthesize in the sunlight - no one gets any air to breathe. Last I checked Water types need oxygen so douse Grass types if you like, they''ll absorb the water. Fire types shouldn't get to uppity, either, because without oxygen a fire can't grow.

Chespin has the distinction of being the first Grass Type starter to look like a mammal/plant hybrid. Most Grass starters are given reptilian features, but Chespin having the traits of a furry mammal might lend it to a bit more diversity in terms of moves - I see a strong possibility that it might be able to obtain access to Steel and Dark Type moves. Back in the day Metal Claw made my Charmander a formidable fighter and I could see Chespin getting that.

Everyone chose Charmander or Squirtle back in the first generation, though, as they were given marquee status on Game Boy. Bublasaur had to go cry in a corner until the GBA remakes put it on a box.

That aside, I imagine Chespin's evolution will be Grass/Fighter, though I think it would be awesome if it was Grass/Steel somehow.

I realize I may be setting myself up at a disadvantage by choosing a grass-type early on, but given my rival (whom I shall name Asshat) will likely choose Froakie in light of my choice and I think Chespin could pummel Froakie. The main campaign is about having fun anyway, so if Chespin doesn't turn out to be competitive material, oh well, its not the first time that's happened.

I'm also rather pleased with the design of XY's Female Pokemon Trainer this time out. She looks classy. Pokemon B/W's Female Trainer is sporty and sassy-looking and I like her, B/W2 Female Trainer's visor + Princess Leia hair buns + Lolified Hatsune Miku pigtails has sent me running over to the less derpy-lookin' Male Trainer when I make a run through the B/W games. Let's just say there's such a thing as making "sporty" look too feminine and impractical.

In any other Japanese game I'd probably consider the look of X/Y's female trainer generic, but given all the other trainers have gone in a more sporty direction, something less sporty that's feminine and refined is a nice change of pace. Plus its not like trainers fight alongside their pokemon anyway.

And that's that. I'm defecting from Water Types this time out. GO GREEN TEAM!
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