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Dibs on Froakie, you say? That's cool, I'll go green with Chespin!

You know, at first I was ready to swear my allegiance to Team Water in Pokemon again. I always defer to Water Types but think its time to get out of the pool and into the forest once more. Plant types have often been boring or weak and while Snivvy hat some smug appeal about it I find Chespin to be more charming with its otter-like features, plant mantle, cute buckteeth and clawed feet. You can just see it noming some celery sticks and carrots - with ranch dressing of course, because that's how we will roll.

So I'm going green - Chespin, I choose you!

In any other Japanese game I'd probably consider the look of X/Y's female trainer generic, but given all the other trainers have gone in a more sporty direction, something less sporty that's feminine and refined is a nice change of pace. Plus its not like trainers fight alongside their pokemon anyway.

And that's that. I'm defecting from Water Types this time out. GO GREEN TEAM!
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