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Resolutions, anticipations and possibly other "-tions" of 2013

Just when you were probably tired of blogs like this, here I am with one of my own. Could be worse, I could be talking about if games are art or why used games are not the devil. What I'm saying here is deal with it - you're getting another one of these blogs because I am not feeling exceptionally creative today.

So as resolutions go - aside from the generic oath to diet and exercise (fair thee well, fried chicken, hamburgers, bacon, corn and tomatoes) - there's my gaming resolution:

The RPG Challenge: Finish as many RPGs as possible.

This is a general backlog thing. It will be compounded by the fact I'll be adding RPGs to the pile. Stuff I feel I either missed out on or even want to play again with a specific goal in mind. This is probably something I'll go into greater detail with in another blog once I decide what my goals are, but an example would be a Fallout New Vegas Hardcore run and playing Digital Devil Saga twice to challenge the Demi-Fiend, who's supposed to be one of the nastiest megabosses ever.

And play lots of SMT games in general.

Stuff like that

The biggest challenge is to conquer all four Etrian Odyssey games. I have collected these games since 2007 and never finished any of them, so I'm gonna do that. To stay motivated, I have decided to base this Etrian Odyssey saga around Podtoid, its hosts and patron saint Willem Dafoe. I will be the party's Survivalist and map-maker. I will also chronicle this journey based on Podtoid episodes via blog fanfiction and awful things will happen to Jonathan Holmes.

Most anticipated games

I guess Soul Hackers is my most wanted game, probably because I've waited since I started college to play it. I think that was also when first mentions of Duke Nukem Forever and Too Human happened. Those games happened this generation, so its nice to finally see this one because it will probably be better than those two ended up being.

The reason for the delay was Sony was a prissy princess and wanted special, exclusive content, not a Saturn port.As a result Soul Hackers and its predecessor, Devil Summoner, both got dumped by Sony Computer Entertainment of America. Then the US PSP port for Devil Summoner got dumped again for the same reasons. So I figure Atlus moved it to Nintendo 3DS with new content out of spite.

I'm also looking forward to more craziness from Bioshock Infinite and Metal Gear Rising. Animal Crossing and Monster Hunter really need no introductions. These are the games that will hopefully be what I'm playing when I'm not playing RPGs.

Barring an announcement for SMT IV this year, those are the most wanted games.

And I'm kinda sleepy, so that is all!
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