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'Tis the season: Nameless, untended dreams

Many MMOs and online games have seasonal events, but some are more evolutionary than others. Sometimes you get an event that just pops up like clockwork and it's the same thing every year while a smaller set of games change things up e...


Waifu Wars: The morning star

My waifu is The Ultimate Waifu. All others cannot compare. Her powers are both holy and dark and beyond measure. Her demeanor is all-business, she tolerates no nonsense when she is on a mission, she will stop at nothing to complete it. Tak...


Happy Holidays!

It's that time if year again. If you're anything like me and in the US, that means you're a single adult killing time before you go to join your family for Christmas dinner. I spent some time wondering where I could eat, remembered Chi...


Why have a LGBT gaming convention? Why not?

Well, another GX has come and gone and I wasn't able to get my finances in order in time to make plans to take the trip. From what I've gathered from the Twitter feed under #gx3 there were many interesting panels and guests as i...


They call me spooky: The beauty of solitude

I come to this place of rest once more, reflecting on where I've been and what I've seen. Sometimes it's a campfire, a sanctuary, a coffin or a terminal, but it's a place I can stop and catch my breath before deciding to call it a night or ...


Pixiedust #3: Not dead, just busy and tired.

So i got a new job. With the holidays coming up, all kinds of businesses are looking for people. Right now, that means I have seen so many cardboard boxes it would make Solid Snake's head spin. I have bent, shaped, folded, taped, slid, lift...


Challengers wanted: Rise of the Enchantress

Every now and again, a good fairy needs to be bad. Almost there. She's not bad, she's just drawn that way. That’s more like it. It's not like I can find any in-game images of Everquest Enchanters that don't look like ass anyway. Ma...


A fae falls to the dark side...

Bleh. It's been that kind of week for me. Not only did I get to enjoy the stress and tedium of job interviews and filling out more applications, (because what the fuck is my resume for again?) I had some sort of reaction to a really nice ve...


The juggling act

So here I am doing that thing I do after beating a game. I like to call it my "post-game juggling act." It's what happens when I finish a game and can't make up my mind what to play next. I replay a lot of older games and this year has been...


My last day with Lucy

Hey guys, I've really been trying to get back to the monthly recap and finish it, but I'm also in a little bit of a sad situation so it may be late tonight or tomorrow when it finally goes live.  I've never had a pet of my own in my ad...


Hype: Arrivals, departures and Shenmue

So Shenmue III is now a real sequel and no longer an urban legend. On Monday I got so excited I couldn't really think of anything to say in my Sunday recap but "Shenmue III!" so I guess I should do some explaining why this is such...


The Agenda: Twisting the knife

I believe developers should make what they want, which is why I'm ecstatic Konami announced a new 2D Castlevania by Koji Igarashi at E3 2015 this week. After eight long years of waiting after Order of Ecclesia, Castlevania: T...


Pixie is evolving! Let it continue?

These last several months have seen a lot of change for me at Destructoid. Pretty much every Sunday since around or just before September 2014 I've been recapping cblogs. Then I got intriuged by the idea of assembling monthly recaps af...


What motivates your creation of a character?

When I'm given the option to create a character in an RPG or hunter game, I tend to go a little overboard, I guess. I'll sit there and spend hours messing with the options - especially if I know that character is going to be playable i...


Another ten things about a pixie

I'm still kinda torn on what stuff to write at the moment. I have a lot of ideas and my brain is shooting off in so many directions I can't seem to settle on one draft before starting another one. This either means a lot of blogs are o...


The Agenda: Republican generosity

The other day I read something that made me drop my glitter and fairy dust - the  governor of Indiana and several other American states are giving away money to the rest of America. They're giving away gaming conventions - living,...


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