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Remember: Posting Avengers Endgame spoilers without hiding them will result in deleted posts and ghost spiders invading your dreams and ears.


Successfully moved to the Faerie server (Aether DC) in FFXIV this morning. The new world visit system is pretty wild. I'd like to find a good time when all Aether Dtoiders are on to get a cross-world Linkshell (continued in comments).


Did the FFXV event in FFXIV this morning. It was a real treat to do and integrated into the FFXV quest quite well, making this genuinely feel like another stop on Noctis' journey. We camped, he fished and we fought the XV Garuda and now I have a Regalia.


My FFX/X-2 Remaster import for Switch came in. If you prefer physical, importing from Japan and Southeast Asia will get you a physical copy with all the content. SE is cheaping out on western versions, putting X-2 content on a redeem code for download.


Server and data center changes come in two weeks for NA FFXIV players. Gonna be jumping over to Aether since that's where most people here are, gonna go to Faerie or Cactuar, I think.


Made it a decent ways in to Sekiro (I'll get back to Lady Butterfly after a few more flask upgrades). FS remains great at pacing out these big, fantastic WTF moments, even if this one isn't quite as Lovecraftian.


Did this for Trans Day of Visibility at the end of March but it also works for today.


Netflix's Cowboy Bebop casting looking good so far. I'm guessing the fourth actor will be Ein, because I can easily see who Spike, Jet and Faye will be. I'm usually not a fan of live action adaptations, but those first three picks seem solid.


FFXIV is adding Dancer as a new ranged DPS job! They're also adding the Hrothgar, which are a playable male-only race that are for all intents and purposes the Ronso from FFX, horns and lion faces and all. Viera will remain female-only.


Finally I have a katana all my own fit to slash open envelopes.


DMC5 is done for now. Here's hoping Lady and Trish do see some actual action in the sequel.


FFXIV apparently finally let me move my PS4 settings to my PC, no now I can multitask more freely. It also means prettier screenshots with ReShade.


I can easily separate DMC V from Reuben Langdon and Joey Camen, but also have to say nothing they bring to Dante and Morrison couldn't be done better by other actors who are better people. Could have kept Tim Phillips and just ignored the anime.


Finally done gearing up Samurai to item level 400. Monk just needs thier shiny Eureka weapon to get there and Dragoon can be there in about a month. I'm just gonna clean up tanks in the weeks before FFXIV Shadowbringers because other games exist.


With regards to the Christchurch shootings, please do not share the video. If any news comes that lets users help the victims, please share that.


With regards to the Christchurch shootings, please do not share the video. If any news comes that lets users help the victims, please share that.


Been playing Bayonetta again in tandem with Devil May Cry 5. One of the fun things about that is Bayonetta hates the silly expository narratives that DMC still indulges in. She shoots it in the face.


Gee thanks for the DMC V spoilers, Youtube. I mean, I kinda figured, but you don't have to blurt shit out in recommendations. Anyway, just started playing as V and he works better than he has any right to.


Didn't get much gaming done today. The used Dual Shock 4 I got last week sucked, had a trigger that would jam and one of the sticks drifted a bit. Replaced it with a usec DS4 that would randomly stop functioning. Finally got brand new DS4 that worked.


With most of my Samurai and some of my tank work done, it's time to get back into practice with Monk and gave the job a new look. The look being she's ready to sip coffee on the porch after her morning tai chi.


Who got fancy light-up armor last night? This girl right here.


Ever just have a controller break on you in the middle of an online session? Had it happen to me in the middle of a raid today. D-pad up/down broke. Got a new one. I wasn't going to do math for that Construct 7 fucker and not be able to stab it for it.


Rewatched the Indiana Jones movies and it sent my head spinning just thinking of all things in them that rubbed off on sooooo many video games beyond just Tomb Raider and Uncharted, extending into Zelda, Donkey Kong, Castlevania and so much more.


The Torigashira Eureka is finished! This is the first relic weapon I've completed in FFXIV (or any MMO for that matter). Animated gif in the comments!


The Torigashira has be forged! One more upgrade step left! There are a couple optional upgrades afte, one of which I'll do to re-roll stats (I want to get like 700-1000 Critical Hit rate on it).


Two more upgrades to go on my katana. Unlocked the Eureka Armor. The Samurai set is mostly hideous, but I liked the hat.


Stage 3 of my Eureka Weapon is nearly complete (I'm just picky about the stats I want to apply to it and that is all RNG). I also got a pretty new haircut.


Finished Gris. Simply amazing from start to finish. It missed the cut for game awards in 2018. If people forget it in 2019, that will be a damn shame.


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