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My name, my "quest" and the wingspan of an African swallow.

I could have sworn I just introduced myself this time last week, but I guess I can say a little more since everyone else seems to be so open about this.

So my name is Nia. It is both of Gaelic and Swahili origin, meaning "radiant" in Gaelic and "goal, purpose" in Swahili. Since the Swahili version turned out to be more popular, some people seem disappointed when my name is called and they see I'm white. Then if they find out I put the "Gae" in "Gaelic" and they're a guy, they're usually a little more disappointed.

Am I radiant? I might glow after a couple ciders or I really work on the make-up. Do I have goals or a purpose? Not particularly, I wander aimlessly, but I only ever get lost because whoever did the street layout to downtown was full of shit.

But that's not the Urban Dictionary take on "Nia," is it? So let's look at that

Open minded and insightful? Check. Kinda hard for me not to be open-minded. Insightful sometimes.

Highly respected and adored? Depends where I am. With family I'm usually considered a disappointment but the eldest child always seems to get that, the rest is just a drop in the bucket. In gamer circles people seem surprised I know what I do, so that's respected, but only in the sense they're surprised someone with breasts knows what "ironsights" and "DPS" mean.

If they get their hopes up that I'm the gamer girl of their dreams, I just tell them about the psychotic gamer girl I once dated. That's if the whole lesbian thing didn't throw them already.

Not actual psychotic ex-girlfriend

The friends I have are pretty good, Its nice to be told you're wanted, needed and believed in, even if its sometimes just to sucker you into working over the holidays at Gamestop.

Always something new to do? Games, movies and other stuff. I guess that works.

Can you never get sick of me? If people do, it seems to come around at least once or twice a year. I tend to avoid conflict where I can. I once had a roommate that yelled at his Facebook page when he was drunk. I got over Facebook within a year of joining it when I found out half of who I went to high school with turned into idiots. As with my first post, I've since turned to other social media.

Get sick of me even if I killed a man? Well, they haul you away to prison for that kind of thing so i don't think having a pretty name helps me there.

Unbelievable kisser? Not tellin'.

As for the whole Pixie theme:

Petite? Nope, 5'10". I'm not too self-conscious about it.

Youthful? People think I'm in my mid-20s and I'm totally OK with that. I think this is really just because I'm more of a shut-in that plays video games. Having what are socially perceived as youthful interests probably removes a few to several years. That and staying out of the sun a lot, avoiding stress where possible, not smoking, etc.

Short hair. Yes. Long hair was a problem, never let it get below the shoulders now. Not quite a pixie cut, though.

Wings? I wish. If I could fly I could save so much money on gas.

Mischievous? I totally can be. It usually involves someone's missing snacks. Your Kit-Kats will not be safe in my freezer.

As for my quest - I see lots of "quests" to complete a game series around here. I was thinking about doing one myself.

This will do. I'm fairly broke right now, I've have had these games for a long time and Etrian Odyssey IV comes out toward the end of February. If I get started now I might finish two of them before it comes out. Might also do SMT Strange Journey, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and Legend of Grimrock (when my PC feels like running it, anyway).

3DS is looking pretty nice this year, so I need to get some of this stuff out of the way so I can hunt monsters, hack souls, explore labyrinths, start a new life in an animal town, protect peg knights from archers and help Luigi bust ghosts.

As for the wingspan of an African swallow, its about 25cm to 30cm, but there are like 47 different types of it in Africa.

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