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Destructoid and I

For years I've been reading and perusing the Destructiod news articles, updates, shenanigans, and reviews, enjoying the casually professional tone in each page. After reading the core of each story, I would continue scrolling to the comments section, where dozens or hundreds of members posted opinions, replies, insults, retorts, images, links, etc. While the occasional bitching-fest seemed to break out, the Destructoid community seemed to be decent group of folks, who's opinions and ideas I could understand and learn from. So I figured "Make an account. Why not? Its free, and you'll interact with others enough to prove you're not completely socially inept." So I did.

  And then it sat here for almost 2 years (or something around that).

  I'm not sure why I didn't do more with this account for so long. Maybe because I had was starting college at the time, and my attention was focused elsewhere. Maybe after reading so many of the community blogs, I got nervous and let the idea drift to the back of my mind. Or maybe I just got lazy. Probably that last one.

  In looking at many other first blogs on Destructoid, it seems like they were either a simple "I'm new and I like video games." or something about their long experience as a gamer. And many of those posts are good. It just seemed like something else, perhaps a more focused topic, would work for me (if I missed someone who also had a first blog post about their Destructoid induction, I apologize). But a constant trend was that a first blog should be centered (or highly relevant to) the person writing it. I think this anecdote of why I joined the Destructoid community, then fell out of it, then rejoined with it, is a good starting point for my blogging here.

   Hopefully I won't be as douchy in the future as this blog post sounds.

  In any case, while I have been reading blogs for years, this is a first attempt at writing one. So I'm open to pointers if others have them.
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