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First Minecraft

It must have been June or July, 2009. I was on Steam playing God knows what, when someone that I normally couldn't stand sent me a link to some game called Minecraft. He rambled about it, and told me I should play it. "Okay". I said, multi...


The ONE Problem with Pokemon Black & White

The Global Trading Station was added in Diamond and Pearl to make trading easier. Now you could trade halfway across the globe, without ever needing a friend code! It had some flaws, but for the first time out, it worked pretty well, and al...


Last Window: Midnight Promise Must Come Out

The year was 2009. December, I think. 20th. I walked into a GameStop, $30 on hand, browsing through the games. PC games? Nothing I was interested in or had enough money for. Sensor bar was broken for the Wii, so I quickly looked and walked ...


Conan be trollin'

Well, as some of you may have heard, Conan O'Brien, the current host of the Tonight Show, might be out of a job soon. Conan has been assaulting NBC more than he usually does lately. If you haven't heard, here it goes. Sponsors weren't seein...


Team Fortress 2: A Spy Goes To Idle

I thought I'd do my first blog with a controversial topic among Team Fortress 2 players. Idling, the act of standing in a server for hours while you're afk and getting hats/weapons while you're gone. I decided to go inside one and discover ...


About PixelSith64one of us since 9:02 PM on 01.09.2010

PixelSith64. I've been using that name for almost six years now.

My first games that I remember getting (I think I had a GBC before this happened, not sure) were from my birthday at a restaurant called the Rainforest Cafe. I got a Hey You! Pikachu Nintendo 64, and my cousins bought me Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Snap and Super Smash Brothers, all four games that I cherish to this day, and one of the many reasons I still love Pokemon to this day.

I started for a long time only really playing platformers, before being introduced to Star Wars Battlefront II. That got me into PC gaming and also FPS games.

I really owe gaming and that I'm here on Destructoid right now to a little game you probably haven't heard of called Portal, but more specifically a mod called Zombie Panic: Source. I discovered an awesome community of people on there, and through them I found Half-Life, Team Fortress and so many other games that I play today.

My favorite game? Hard to say, but it's between Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 most often. Right now I'm playing through Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Minecraft, TF2, Deus Ex and anything else I can get my hands on.

If you ever are up for a game, I'm on Steam under PixelSith64 (I change my display name often for fun, and will forget to change it back for days at a time, which is why at the time of typing my display name is JEFF BRIDGES). I have the entire Valve catalog, Bad Company 2 and some other games.