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Made It Through Review: FF III DS

This is my first Made It Through Review, a a new regular feature of my blog. I say "regular", but the point of this feature is to review a game I've played through entirely, so I can only post them when I've completed a game. When games...


The Games of my Ancestors

The Games of my Ancestors: What will your kid play? Except for the staunchest non-readers, I think almost everyone living in developed nation has a favorite book. Maybe it's not really complicated, or it's far from the so-called "classics...


Crystal Chronicles: In Defense of the Bucket

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is, for a Final Fantasy game, surprisingly unpopular. Not X-2 unpopular, but for a game fulfilling the dream of allowing people to play in the Final Fantasy world with their friends (I refuse to count th...


RetRose Tinted: Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers

I've been wanting to write about this game for awhile, and the RetRose Tinted Corrective Lenses Competition gave me the impetus to do it. My dad brought home an NES in 1987, ostensibly as a present for me and my little brother, but we were...


'Twas the Night Before Smash Bros.

I think this has probably been done before, but ... tough shit. 'Twas the Night Before Smash Bros. 'Twas the night before Smash Bros, and all through the night All gamers collectively itched for a fight Pre-order receipts were all gathere...


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One day, long ago, my father decided to bring home a NES. I was too little to read, but lo: a gamer was born. I've been playing ever since. I like games with great stories, but having said that I am not an "RPG person" - though I do like some RPGs. I enjoy (action/)adventure games the most, so everything Zelda = good, and games like Ico and Another World fill me with glee, as do text-based games and point-and-click adventures.

I am terrible at FPS games so I don't play them as often, but thoroughly enjoy story-based games from that perspective (Bioshock!) and certain shooters do entertain me (Team Fortress!). I played an insane amount of Goldeneye back in the N64 days.

Oh yeah: the name is Pixel Blue. Because I like pixel art. And the color blue.

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Another World
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