DeS: The worst losing streak in esports this year: 0-40

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After a long and unnoticeable time away from Destructoid, I have returned to blog once again. Now, to lay down the law.

This is my blog. I don't care if you agree with it or not. It's not for your benefit. It's for mine. It's to express my ideas through a medium so they don't bottle up and result in me climbing a clock tower with some form of weaponry and begin hailing bullets down to the unsuspecting civilians below.

Now, down to the nitty gritty. Some of my earliest gaming memories are on the Sega, playing Sonic the Hedgehog and complaining when I got to the water level which required you to collect air bubbles to survive. I then got violently shoved into the world of Playstation and Nintendo64. Iíve always stood by the philosophy that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64) is my mother, and either Crash Team Racing (PS1) or Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (PS1) is my father. I could never quite tell. Firstly, Ocarina of Time is undoubtedly, in my mind, the greatest game that has ever spawned from the hands of man. It kept me warm on cold nights, taught me almost everything I know, and still keeps an eye on me today. It is my mother. Secondly, Crash Team Racing and The Phantom Menace were both amazing games that I played for hours non-stop, and Iím not really sure which contributed more into creating me. One of them is my father, but it remains a mystery. I had some good times with Pokemon Red on my Gameboy before and around this time, which entertained me for years. I moved onto PS2 (the days of GTA: San Andreas were truly amazing), Xbox, and then to Xbox360 which I enjoyed some good years on, and then I finally became primarily a PC gamer. Iíve got nothing against any console or platform, PC just works better for me.

Honestly though, I'll be using this blog as my "must try and write about something everyday so I don't become rusty" thing. I write for a gaming website that will be launching soon, and it's almost necessary to have a personal blog in which you can keep up your writing skillz, so bare with me while I ramble.