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For a long time, I was obsessed with insanely difficult games. I can say quite honestly that I think this thirst for unrelenting self-punishment came from a desire to achieve something, and it all started when I watched the movie King ...


My Game Journalism Success Story

Success is a man jumping over a cliff and hopefully not falling to his death while the sun sets. This might be one of the more ironic blogs the C-Blogs has seen if you don't count the odd "this site sucks and you guys are idiots" post...



Or, whatever.Last night I wake up with sleep paralysis. It's midnight but it feels like I've been sleeping all night. And I can't stop thinking about how I flushed, like, 120 bucks down the shitter because I just HAD to choose the RIGH...



It's funny when you make an intentionally self-depricating nickname for yourself. Sometimes, you end up falling into the trap of it, and it is no longer ironic or funny. Awhile ago now, I'm not really sure how long, I pulled a move I call ...


It's Wii U Time

The new console launch was kind of exciting. Seeing my store set up the hundreds of odd Xboxes and PS3's in anticipation, the line forming outside in the cold, Canadian winter (chairs and sleeping bags included) and the boxes of brand new g...


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