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PAX 07 Part 2: I got stuff, I bought stuff (WHOOPDIE DOODA!)

A couple weeks back, I put up a brief rundown of my first couple days at PAX 07, where Destructoid came and conquered Seattle (where everything closes too damn early and the freaks come out at night, many of them).

Swag (not that brown hippie stuff) was decent. Some companies cheaped out, some had bigger budgets to work with. Here's what I got:

- Star Wars HeroClix
- Wiimote flashlight keychain
- Haze energy mints (it's gots guaranas)
- Atari keychain
- demo discs
- Bully buttons
- Sam & Max button
- XBox Live name tag / badge

- Darkstalkers comics
- Halo 3 comic, gum, bottle opener, pen
- Rockstar stickers
- World In Conflict lanyard
- (I lost a bunch of stuff during the weekend.)

I managed to sneak in a couple purchases. At Pink Godzilla, I found:
- used Wipeout (OG PS case FTW)
- new copy of Buffers Evolution (Wonderswan)

On the PAX showfloor:
- Castle Crashers vinyl figure and t-shirt

- The One-Ups Volume 1 CD signed by Dale North (Dtoid editor/asian Brian McKnight) and band members

Average swaggage at best. Felt good about what I bought. Better swag next time or some marketing exec is gonna get hurt.

PAX Part 3? Maybe if I feel like it...
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