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Mr. Destructoid welcomes home Dreamcast / R.O.B.toid

We love our Dreamcasts around here. I've owned two consoles and have been without one for a long ass time now. Until yesterday... Galagabug hooked up a Dreamcast for me and I'm so grateful he was able to satisfy my craving. Yes, White Castle in video game form. Who would of thunk it?

So upon the Dreamcast's arrival, I figured I would let Mr. Destructoid do a little inspection before I hook it up and reminisce to some Power Stone.

Console. Check.

He's all about a thorough examination.

Those wires are really tricky for him for some reason.

Mr. Destructoid is Googling for a VMU at the moment, wish us luck. Say hello to R.O.B.toid, enjoy the new banner.
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