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Enter the Kojima: NYC MGS4 Event

Hideo Kojima doesn't come to the U.S. very often. So when this faptastic man of a man strolls into your town, you should definitely extend a warm welcome. In addition to signing for his fans, Uniqlo's limited edition MGS4 shirts would be ...


This is how you must waggle

In WalMart's new holiday circular, they attempt to be racially cutting-edge and show you how to Wii it up. The director of the shoot found it essential to have the hipster catalog models hold the Wiimotes with 2 hands. Can I Table Te...


I got a Master Puke edition 360

I've been thinking about buying a 360 for the longest. I was torn between three choices (wasn't even considering a Core). I go with the Halo edition so I don't have to worry about a Play & Charge thingy. And yes, I like the puke coloring...


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