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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #94 - The Day After Monday and Tuesday


Featuring Lucky Luke CDi and Pilot.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

tonight we go deep, deep into the obscurity realm where only the hardest cursing retro Youtubers dare to go: The Philips CDi, Philips last attempt to get back into the console market in 1991. As an early CD-based console, most of the software consisted of educational stuff, encyclopedias and simple board games (and porn ;) ). Later it tried to shift its focus towards games, but was outclassed by the arriving 32-bit generation. As a result, the games got a reputation of being shoddily produced shovel-ware with movies slapped on top. But is that the full truth? Even the worst console should have at least *something* good to get by, right?

Now, after reading hundreds of reviews and playing dozens of CD-i games, I finally feel qualified to give a concluding verdict on that myth:

It is totally right. There are no good CD-i games. Sorry.

Nevertheless, there are some games that, given the reputation of the console, are suprisingly ok. Many of them were produced by Vision Factory, a dutch company that actually managed to put the CDi hardware to some use with their colorful sprite environments. Some of their highlights include:

  • The Apprentice, a platformer with a wizard in a Hogwarts-like environment that features half-naked cartoon girls in its cut scenes.
  • Dimo's Quest, a puzzle game with a skateboarding kid in an alien-like environment that features half-naked cartoon girls in cut scenes.
  • Lucky Luke, a platforming adaption of the famous Belgian comic. With half-naked cartoon girls in cut scenes.

I think you see the pattern ;). The last of the three shall be the topic of today's comparison, more specifically the last section of the song that plays in the towns of the game:

Introducing the song "Monday, Tuesday" by scottish soft rock band "Pilot" from 1977. The central recurring theme  reminds me a lot of this sequence from the Lucky Luke song:

Sunday back to Megaman.

I'm a poor, lonesome Phil

and a long, long way from home...

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