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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #188 - Treasure Hunter Naruse


Featuring Landstalker and Yoshihiro Naruse.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

this years july is not like last years july, at least in central europe insofar as that I feel less like melting due to the heat compared to dissolving due to excessive humidity. People in Spain will probably tell otherwise as temperature hits the 50° C mark in some places.

Got my first Covid vaccination shot and I'm feeling pretty flat. If you need a reason why I don't feel like telling large stories today, here it is. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of material to present, so here we go:

Again we feature one of Segas forgotten gems from the 90s, "Landstalker" for the Genesis/Megadrive (1992). Once you're approximately halfway through the game, repair the lighthouse and get access to a ship the overworld music changes to a catchy remix which in the soundtrack is named "Treasure Hunter Nigel/Lyle", the main part of which sounds like this:

There is a sequence in the song "Pretty Song" by jazz fusion artist Yoshihiro Naruse, that has a remarkably similar curvature to this sequence:

Yoshihiro Naruse - "Pretty Song" (1986):


More from that direction? We'll see next week.

Phil out.

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