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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #187 - The Dragon's Dance


Featuring Wonder Boy 3 - The Dragon's Trap and japanese dance pop.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

my Sega series continues with another Sega classic which recently got a nice cartoon graphics remake: Wonder Boy 3, The Dragon's Trap (1989). The focus lies on the song "The Dragon's Trap" which plays during the ending credits and has a prominent high pitched melody running in the background:

The song has a fast beat that sounds like you could dance to it pretty well, so it is no surprise that today's findings come from songs related to japanese 80s dance pop. The first one is

Meiko Nakahara - "Tsukiyo ni Ki wo Tsukete!" (1983):

(aim for the low pitched sample in the background)

The song has been described as funk with a flavor of rumba which fits pretty well into the island-themed athmosphere of the Wonder Boy franchise.

As an alternative, we have a beat by japanese pop-rock Band B'z

B'z - "Kodokuni Dance In Vain" (1988)

Listen for the low-tuned guitar in the background.

We'll probably spend the rest of july with more classic Sega.

Phil out.

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