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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #169 - Debut of the King


Featuring Final Fantasy 7 and renaissance music.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

from Final Fantasy VI, we move right back to the a game/pop music comparison for its successor Final Fantasy VII (1997). 

Today, we feature the song "Debut". It plays during the stage play in the Golden Saucer (the one with the standard fairy tale plot where you rescue a maid from a dragon. But if it bores you, you can opt to kiss the dragon. ;) ) 

Several youtube comments pointed out that the source for the jingle might be based on songs from the 70s by the dutch progressive rock band "Focus". And I must admit the samples from these songs are already pretty good:


House of the King

Of course, since progressive rock tends to take a lot of influences from other genres, I would like to dig a little bit further. Since the song which plays during a classic knight & sorcery scene is supposed to evoke an old-time feudal era feeling it can be assumed that the song is meant as an obvious homage to these times. So let's see what we can find:

We start with the operetta "Gräfin Dubarry" by austrian composer Carl Millöcker from 1879. The song "Blicken dich zwei Augen an" is built around the following sample:

Next we have another operetta by another austrian composer, Franz von Suppé - "Flotte Bursche" (ouverture) (1863):

A partial match can be found in the Pavane "Mille Regretz" by Renaissance composer Tielman Susato (1510-1570). It is a dance which rhymes with the dance movements the characters in the FF7 play conduct:

The potential ur-example is from a traditional english christmas theme with the title "Good King Wenceslas". According to Wikipedia it is set to a melody from the 13th century called "Tempus Adest Floridum":

Wednesday more Mario!

Phil out.

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