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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #165 - Environment-Unfriendly Infantry


Featuring Final Fantasy 7 and marching music.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

another sunday, another Final Fantasy day. The seventh entry in the series (1997) has been a little bit underrepresented so far, so make a small retour to correct this mistake. One of the more reminiscable songs of the game is the Rufus welcom ceremony theme which most people remember as a long series of grenades that clutter their virtual shelfes of shame:

The overall song is made up from marching music standards. I dug up some real world marches that have sequences comparable to this one. The best match so far is

"Honneur aux poilus d'orient" (honor to the infrantists of the orient) - Composer: G. Tailhades Composer: M. Fontaine

I don't know when this was composed exactly,early 20th century likely, but it's already on this 1958 album:


Smaller snippets of comparable design can also be found in other marches:

Marsz «Warszawianka» Karol Kazimierz KurpiƄski  (1831?):

Marcia Fulgida - Antonio Fuselli (before 1969):

Bonus: The sequence at 0:47 is also present in the 20th century fox theme which is also made up of fanfare and marching music:

Wednesday more Mario!

Phil out.

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