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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #149 - The Ninja from Wutai City


Featuring Final Fantasy 7 and mostly old time pop.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

well, here we go again. Another series of Final Fantasy related entries which will keep us busy until at least the end of the year. And right away we start with a song from one of the most popular entries in the franchise, Final Fantasy 7.

Our focus of interest lies on the 10-note intro of the song "Thanks for the Materia" / "Stolen Materia" playing when the party first approaches Wutai and future party member, everyone's favourite ninja Yuffie steals your stash of the magic inducing resource:

There are two genres where I found above average concentrations of jingles comparable to this one. The first one is early 20th century pop music close to ragtime, the second one is marching music from roughly the same era. I'll provide some samples for each:

Early 20th century pop:

The High Hatters - What Is It? (1931):

Rudy Vallee - Kitty From Kansas City (1931):

The Revelers - The Blue Room (1926):

George Gershwin - He Loves And She Loves (1927):

Marching music:

Josef Müller - Jászkun-kaszás Induló (before 1876):

William Skaggs - The Loyal American (before 1935):

And of course, as always in those cases you inevitably find something comparable in the works of Mozart: "Se l'augellin sen fugge" from "La finta giardiniera" (1775). Aim for the violin in the background:

More FF next sunday!

Phil out.

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