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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #125 - Under Brasilian Skies


Featuring Radical Dreamers and multiple sources and genres.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

before we go to the Chrono Cross outtakes, I want to squeeze something in between: The first quasi sequel to Chrono Trigger, Radical Dreamers, which was released in Japan exclusively for Nintendos Satellaview in 1996 and which Chrono Cross could be regarded as extended remake of as. It also was the first time many of the more famous songs of Chrono Cross were used. One song however did not make its way into Chrono Cross, and this was the ending song "Le Trésor Interdit":

I did not find something that sounds exactly like the sequence, but several samples that might have served as inspiration because they have a similar shape.

First we take a deep dive into the Jazz Fusion genre. I know of a song by prominent artist Masayoshi Takanaka from 1978 with the title "Disco 'B'" that has a sample with an awfully similar contour to the Radical Dreamers sample:

He also uses a similar sample in his 1977 song "I Remember You":

Then we take a complete detour: A sample that pops up in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "Posthorn" serenade from 1779:

A honorable mention goes to:

Adrenaline - Road Of The Gypsy (1986):

Johnny Mathis Deniece Williams, Too Much Too Little Too Late (1978):

Next week as mentioned some Chrono Cross outtakes.

Phil out.

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