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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #123 - Learning To Live Without Chrono


Featuring Chrono Cross and mostly country rock.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

we started Mitsuda season with a look at the opening "Time's Scar" of Chrono Cross (1999), so it is inevitable that we have a look at the credit song "Radical Dreamers ~The Treasure Which Cannot be Stolen~".

As will not suprise many people there is again a tendency towards the country rock domain:

First let's start with the beginning of the song, a smoothly pickable guitar chord which is a delight to many people who start to learn guitar play. Here I found the following songs that evoke a connotation in me:

John Mellencamp - Human Wheels (1993):

A honorable mention goes to Eddie Money's "Maybe Tomorrow" from 1983:

For the main section at 1:21 the situation is again better. Here I can offer the following:

Dream Theater - Learning To Live (1992):

(Listen closely to the backing between 9:35 and 10:02):

Btw. just before at 9:07 the song has something remarkably similar to the main section of the intro "Time's Scar.

Then we have a post-punk band "Modern English" of all things that feature a backing in their song "Black Houses" (1981) that is somewhat reminiscent of the main section backing:

Then there is an excerpt from a short song called "だからその手を離して" by J-pop band B'z from 1988 that evokes a feeling of the ending main jingle:

The band also has a song called "Strings of my Soul" that is not really a match but hits the feeling of the Chrono Cross main motif pretty well:

And japanese folk rock band Off-Course the song "Yes-No" from 1980:

And this finishes the main topics I had planned for Chrono Cross. Next I will do some outtakes before we get to the final part of Mitsuda season.

Phil out.

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