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Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities #122 - Creatures From The Beat


Featuring Rudra No Hihou and country rock.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

in the not-so-heat of the summer, another sample from one of the Squaresoft games that never made it outside Japan, Rudra No Hihou (1996). This time it is the song "Creatures From the Silent Sea" that plays when you visit the underground mermen folk. Here we go:

Again I suspect that the melody might have been inspired by a popular backing tracking that is most often found in 70s/80s country rock. Here are some samples to show you what I mean:

Eddie Money - Backtrack (1983):

Bellamy Brothers - Fast Train Out Of Texas (1980):


America - Saturn Nights (1972):

The Association - Come The Fall (1972):

Pure Prairie League - Goin' Home (1976):

Kenny Rogers - Beautiful Lies (1978):

Sunday Chrono Cross is getting hot.

Phil out.

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