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Phils Game Music Similarities Classics #2


Second classics entry, this time for the PC game Doom 2 (1994). The song "Running From Evil" (which plays in the very first level)

has often been compared to sequences in Megadeths Hangar 18 (1990):

Oh, but maybe one new fact: I think the underlying 4-note sample is a stock sample in jazz (heard it several times, it is a twist on what is commonly known as the "Bond"-jingle with the last note going up instead of going down). Cannot find videos at the moment but will come back to it.

Edit: Ok, I think Strangeways - Cry Out (1984) has it floating around in the background (among others) though its not Jazz:

Weather too hot. Bandwidth too low.

Another Edit:

Sample for the intro of the song, maybe (Q5 -Steel The Light, 1984)?


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