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Phils Game Music Similarities #33 Baroque Man


Greetings fellow game music lovers,

today's topic is a certain sequence from one of the more famous stages in the classic platformer Megaman 1 (1987), the chromatically (also) warm stage of Fireman, which makes both the song and the game immediately recognizable:


Funny, the Cutman stage has a quite similar sequence although it feels cut in half and reversed in some parts:

According to my research, the structure of these two sequences is a little thing called "Chromatic Fourth" which is "a melody or melodic fragment spanning a perfect fourth with all or almost all chromatic intervals filled in (chromatic line)":


Notably, this motif was most prevalent with the composers from the Baroque and Classic era like Bach and Purcell. 

Can we find something in pop music that sounds similar to the sequences in the aforementioned stages? I do admit: I haven't found an exact match. Nevertheless, the next best thing for me at the moment is a sequence that is, fittingly, from a song of the genre generally known as "Baroque Pop", with the title "The Show Must Go On" (1968) by the band Nirvana ( the UK band, not the Aberdeen/Washington one with Kurt Cobain! ):

In confidence: It's not the last song that falls into that category. ;)

Phil in harmony!

Update 14.09.2019: Found another good sample for the Fireman entry. The song "Chuppy" from japanese Prog Rock Band "Speed, Glue & Shinki" from 1972, approximately at the 1:04 mark:


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