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Phils Game Music Similarities #23 - And Kondo followed Kaneoka


Featuring Popeye and Peggy March.

Many people will be suprisded to hear that there were music composers at Nintendo before Koji Kondo. The most proficient among them should be Yukio Kaneoka, the sound artist who provided much of the music of Nintendos early titles like Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. . He served as a mentor to Hirokazu Tanaka, later president of Creatures Inc, and Kondo himself. Among the soundtracks he composed was the NES/Arcade game Popeye, who's character rights Nintendo was able to obtain after the success of Donkey Kong, which was originally supposed to be a Donkey Kong based game.

Today's topic is the standard stage theme that plays while Popeye collects hearts and keeps Bluto off his tail:

As many Youtube-commenters noticed, this theme seems to have a lot in common musically with the song "I will follow him" by Peggy March (1963):

Seems like Kaneoka and his students have a lot more in common than previously thought.


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