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Phils Game Music Phindings #18 April in March


Few people who dived into the genre of rock music have not heard of the british veteran rock band Deep Purple. The band belongs to one of the most enduring representatives of hard rock and heavy metal music, although they have often tapped into other genres as psychedelic, progressive and bluesrock. In 1969, they released their third album appropriately named "Deep Purple" which was also the last album with the original lineup before vocalist Rod Evans and bassist Nick Simper left the band and where replaced by Ian Gillan and Roger Glover.

This album includes the song "April", a song of metal size proportions (over 12 minutes) that consists of roughly three parts: A calm acoustic guitar part, an orchestral part and a hard rock part which is prominent for the band. The song is said to have been sampled by several other bands like the song "Matches" (2006) by the The Pacifics:

Of course it was only a matter of time before video game composer would become aware (or rather remember) the band and start getting influenced by it. For example it is often said that the first guitar part of the song inspired the original Zelda (1986) theme and one of its dungeon themes:

It doesn't help that Koji Kondo is a known fan of Deep Purple and once played in a DP cover band (original link seems broken, here is a mirror):


Another example is a portion of the prologue of the 1988 NES game "Ninja Gaiden":

I would like to add one more entry to this list, the song "Variable X" from the 1993 SNES game "Mega Man X" which gives me a similar feeling like the Ninja Gaiden part:

Actually I have to admit that I don't find the Zelda song THAT similar although stylistically they have a lot in common.

April is a cruel time.

Especially April 1st.



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