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About PhilCRingerone of us since 5:09 PM on 05.03.2012

My name's Phil, and I love video games.

Sometimes I make videos on Youtube. I write stories and listen to music all the time.

For the sake of labels, here's some things I like and dislike:

Music: Rock, nothing too metal.

Bands: Evanescence, Flyleaf (despite God-centric lyrics), Metric, Paramore

Movies: American History X, Fight Club, most comic book movies, old cheese-filled horror like Child's Play and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Shows: I've always loved Buffy and Angel, and they're my favorite shows, but great shit like Dexter and Game of Thrones are up there.

Games: Anything Bethesda, most MK games, GTA, Assassin's Creed may be my favorite series.

Console (why the fuck not): X-Box 360, PC if it doesn't suck ass (mine does).

Music: Most rap, metal and country.

Bands: Metallica, LMFAO, any groups that label themselves as 'emo.' Also Lady Gaga Justin Beiber blah blah blah.

Movies: Bridesmaids. Not fucking funny, at all. Couldn't stand the attempt at awkward humor. Also, Punch Drunk Love and The Others sucked pretty hard.

Shows: Anything Kardashian-related. Reality TV about cakes, having big families, or building aquariums. And there's no excuse for watching Jersey Shore, even if you say you watch it because "They're so dumb it's funny." It's not funny.

Games: God of War. Can't tell why people like it so much. Also Street Fighter, but mostly for the fanboys. And fuck bitching about Dragon Age 2, the first one felt like it was made by Bioware about five years before KoToR; shit sucked.

Console (why the fuck not): Wii, PS3 (not as much, but their controllers suck ass and the console exclusives don't do anything for me; I will, however, admit that the PSP is the best handheld, and will continue to be unless Microsoft makes a handheld).

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