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Contest: Win a Nintendo Switch from Destructoid

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Ubisoft is not Captain Planet You should have a quick scan of that article by Dale North( first if you don't quite know what I'm talking about. Ubisoft (famo...


CONTEST: winnners is you

Peeps had to leave a comment and be one of the last five to have left it. Those guys won a DL code for Johnson. There was also a prize for leaving something cute or funny. That person got Johnson and the chance to get a Transformers t-shir...


CONTESTIME: GTA chinatown pack.

This week it's a content pack for GTA chinatown wars! craziness? INDEED! I don't own GTA:CW and haven't used one of these packs, but all the necessary stuff you need to know will be explained. To enter, send an email to [email protected]..


My Uni gaming project this link is to a folder including my latest university project, that is, to create a game that can make mathematics fun. In there too is my reasoning for...


Retroforce COMIC!

I announced in the RFGO! forums that I wanted to do comics based on Chad and Anthony's fight on a volcano and Here They ARE! ------------------------------------------------------- They depict both likely ecentualities so no side shou...


NVGR: Life update

yeah, no article today, amma too tired right now, promise it'll be here tomorrow as it just needs finessing here's some things I has now on my TO DO list. Firstly, I have a Novella of an essay to do for very soon, I'm working on that at t...


Retreview: Earth Worm Jim

This image is too good to write on Earth Worm Jim (EWJ) is a game by Shiny for the Sega Mega Drive. Or Genesis for you yanks. It focuses on the titular hero in his quest to... Actually, I donít really know his motivation; I looked in the ...


The World Ends With Review

A double whammy this week! There was a tie in the voting last week and so I thought I might do both. Lucky youse! That said, there's no guarantee that they'll both be today: or any promise you will get two. Lovingly dubbed TWEWY by myse...


About Phalanxxxone of us since 9:26 AM on 10.26.2008

Good morning, good evening or good night, whoever you are!

I've gamed since I was little. It started with Sonic and Earthworm Jim and later broadened as I joined the Playstation family with Crash Bandicoot and Medieval. It was when I met RPGs in the form of Pokemon and Jade Cocoon that my world expanded.
My Playstation 2 is full of RPGs and platformers and at present I have nigh unfettered access to all the consoles of this generation. That's my gaming history!

What I want to achieve on Destructoid, is to make a meaningful contribution, so, every so often, I intend to post my thoughts on a topic or review a game. I don't complete things often unfortunately, so reviews may be thin on the ground, but the higher the goal, the more we work towards it.

If you want something specific to be talked about, mail me, and if you want anything else, I'll do my best <3

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