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About Phaazoidone of us since 12:12 PM on 02.13.2010

As of now I'm a high school senior. I love video games of most genres and on most consoles.

I started a Nintendo fan boy, but have since come to appreciate those cliche FPS's on the 360, and most other games.

My favorite video game... that's an impossible question. It's like asking someone there favorite type of pie. but there are fruit pies, nut pies, even meat pies. I love shepherds pie for dinner, but pumpkin pie for dessert!

This is similarly the case with video games. I love the game Metroid Prime 1. The whole prime series was wonderful, but prime 1 sticks as my favorite.

However, multiplayer is an important part of video games for me too. Metroid may be my favorite campaign, but I thrive on versus action. This is a straight up tie between super smash bros brawl and halo reach. I love both of these games, for their very contrasting style of multiplayer.

And I love the news source and objective discussion Destructoid provides on video games. Once I make a decision on where I'm heading off to college I may have to look into getting more involved in this community.