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Not my Turning Point gaming rig

I wouldn't even so much call her a rig, instead a crappy old laptop that sits in my room on a tray meant for eating in front of the t.v.. I could really use the new rig. The Dreamcast is still made of win though.


What it's like to catch up on lost generations.

I think many a gamer has been in a situation similar to my own. Be it because of school, a significant other, or any number of other distractions, you left from the fold somewhat. Gaming fell to the wayside, whether by choice, or due to...


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Petrie, Justin, young man, teh n00b, whatever you prefer to refer to me as, by any name, I am simply a passionate gamer. Loyal to no brand, but instead the eternal pursuit of that perfect game. A writer and commentator of all things gaming, and the geek general culture, one may question my sanity, and one may be correct in doing so.