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I feel like responding to comments is a losing battle. How come good intentions lead to insanity? =( I'm sad.


For anyone wondering about Bioshock Remastered on PC...just skip it. I'll be doing a full PC port report, but the short answer is it's bad. I can't get the game to stay open for more than three minutes.


Kotaku wrote a post in favor of Zelda DLC. I think my stomach may have jumped out of my body.


I can't always clog the frontpage with Zelda news. I can in quickposts, though!


Phoenix Wright sale on the eShop. Dual Destinies is $11.99 and Trilogy is $16.99


Quantum Break will be launching on Steam in a DX-11 variant. Pretty exciting news for PC gamers!


Even though I only played Brut@l for about 5 hours, it feels like an eternity. The game can be fun, but holy shit is it agonizingly plain. Full review should be up on Friday. Can't wait to have my first official DToid review! =)


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