NE: Ranked: Which of the 7 Super Mario games was most super?

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I'm on a laptop getting ready for PAX!!! OH MAN!!! This thing is slower than hell!


I feel like responding to comments is a losing battle. How come good intentions lead to insanity? =( I'm sad.


For anyone wondering about Bioshock Remastered on PC...just skip it. I'll be doing a full PC port report, but the short answer is it's bad. I can't get the game to stay open for more than three minutes.


Kotaku wrote a post in favor of Zelda DLC. I think my stomach may have jumped out of my body.


I can't always clog the frontpage with Zelda news. I can in quickposts, though!


Phoenix Wright sale on the eShop. Dual Destinies is $11.99 and Trilogy is $16.99


I guess this is tangentially related to video games.


Quantum Break will be launching on Steam in a DX-11 variant. Pretty exciting news for PC gamers!


Even though I only played Brut@l for about 5 hours, it feels like an eternity. The game can be fun, but holy shit is it agonizingly plain. Full review should be up on Friday. Can't wait to have my first official DToid review! =)


Either I really suck at RTS games or Command and Conquer 3 is super hard. I'm leaning towards the former, but holy fuck! I just want to finish the mission in a reasonable amount of time.


Every time I close Command & Conquer 3, my computer does a soft reset. It's very odd.


Reviews for Suicide Squad make me think of Roger Ebert's response to The Punisher: Warzone. When did bad movies become so well made?


I somehow became a sex offender defender on the Jed article. Weird way to start a day.


There is a flier on the wall for some type of animal control company, but their abbreviation is A.H.F.A.P. One of the e-mails is It sounds more like a Furry related company than anything else.


Super Time Force was really fucking good. I don't know why I was so hesitant to play it. Love that ending, too.


If Yakuza 5 was going to be free on Plus in less than a year, why didn't Sony just offer the game for free at launch? Seems weird to me.


Rubber Cement + Ipecac + Fruit Cake = Pure Chaos. Can't die to Isaac if I kill the world first!


How many people would be interested in me doing reviews? I've been kind of indifferent to a lot of summer gaming headlines, so I'm not writing much of anything other than my thoughts on games (on Steam).


Monster Monday! My sister and I have these guys. We gave them cute little voices...Apparently Doom is supposed to be scary.


Apparently the first Dead Rising is heading to PS4. Seems strange to launch a game as a promo for the sequel that won't be on the same console.


Wolfenstein: The New Order was pretty good. It has some strange design choices (like sort of regeneration health) and some horrid boss fights, but it was fun. I liked the story, even if BJ is a pretty bland dude.


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