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Hype: The 3rd Birthday (aka Parasite Eve 3)


If you are bored while you are reading this review, go ahead and listen to this song, as it is apparantly going to be the headlining song in the game (fast forward the first 20 seconds, as they are silent for whatever unholy reason):

Alright, I know it is way too early to be tackling this particular topic. But unfortunately I have seen one too many juicy screenshots, and trailers for this PSP game which currently doesn't have a release date. According to Square-Enix as of Sept 27th 2010, the game is 80-90% complete. So I have taken it upon myself to find out as much information as I possibly can, and try to sort out the lies from the truth. Here is the official trailer:

I am just happy that it has now been offically put onto Square's website. With development being so close to completion, I am hoping to see this game by March of 2011. This is probably not realistic, but I have been hearing rumors going through the grapevine about this game for years. Though I must admit most of them were just made up by me, because I loved the first two games on Playstation.

Before I dive headfirst into the new game, I will be giving you some information about the first two games, just incase you haven't heard anything about them. Keep in mind that these games were inspired from a book written in Japan which was later made into a movie also.

Also because I use the word Mitochondria several times in this article, I have decided to describe exactly what that is. It is a cellular organism that is usually described as "the power plant of the cell" because it generates ATP. I could go further into depth, but if you have had basic Biology classes you should know what that means. Furthermore Mitochondria is also responsible for cell signaling, cellular differentiation, cell death, as well as the control of the cell cycle and cell growth. Which explains why Aya Brea doesn't age much, and has superhuman abilities since her body has control over the actions of her own Mitochondria. In the 3rd birthday she will technically be 39 years old, making her a cougar!

Parasite Eve: Released on 9.10.1998 for Playstation. (This portion contains spoilers)

I remember when I first purchased the game. Not many people I knew at the time had heard anything about it, but it was the first game by Square that looked to be in direct competition with Resident Evil. The best way I can describe the first game is that it was Resident Evil with gun customization and RPG elements. The main character Aya Brea, who was 25 in the first game, awakened to her mitochondrial supremacy due to a kidney transplant she recieved from her twin sister when she was a child. While on a date in NYC she encounters a woman who is able to control mitochondria in other people, and causes them to spontaneously combust at Carnegie Hall. Having awakened to her powers due to the incident Aya now posesses a wide range of biological powers which allow her to heal herself, move more quickly, and light opponents on fire, as well as complete surrrender to her ultimate self which transforms her into a furious psychopath that can decimate a room in mere seconds.

Due also to the mitochondrial manipulation of her surroundings, insects and animals evolve spontaniously as well and become mindless murderers that are the puppets of Eve. The other recipient of Maya's (Aya's sister) organs Melissa is the oprah singer that Aya has come to see at Carnegie. Maya was thought to have died, but appears in the ex-game as an opponent which must be destroyed. Here is an example of Melissa (Eve once liberated from her human form) using living tissue from people she has murdered by melting their bodies with the energy released from their mitochondria, and using it to bring inanimate objects to life:

Parasite Eve II: Released on 09.12.2000 for Playstation (*more spoilers)

Eve from the first game has been destroyed. Aya now takes a government job cleaning up the remnants of the mitochondria influenced creatures that have apparantly started breeding and spreading in the years following the incident at NYC. She now responds to the threats of these creatures with hopes to destroy them. Unfortunately as people who abuse science always do, they created a shelter for these creatures and did various experiements on them, which lead to the start of these mitochondrian creatures taking human form as well in an attempt to forcibly evolve humanity. It was also one of the first games I had seen with a naughty shower scene depicted below.

Attempting to recreate Aya's dna, they create a daughter verson of her also named Eve, who eventually becomes an evil winged spawn of Satan that you must destroy to bring back to sanity. Depending on actions you take throughout the game you could achieve one of several endings. In the end Aya raises Eve as her sister since she had grown up quite fast due to the nature of rapid growth those exposed to the mitochondria dna. In the end the government covers up the existance of the insanity that happened due to the wake of the NYC incident in the first game, and you don't really learn to much about what has happened.

The 3rd Birthday: (* again spoilers)

So far I have only learned several interesting things about the game. One of those being that you can apparantly unlock a Lightning costume from FFXIII, here is some crappy fan art:

The action (see trailer above) in battle has now been evolved for Aya to use an ability which allows her mitochondria to take over another body temporairly which is useful for sucessful vantage points in battle, and I am guessing to exploit weaknesses. Looking at the trailer the bosses are going to be bigger, badder, and the action in the game is going to be more seamless / smooth with the ability to change bodies. As with the other games there will be a variety of weapons (handguns, assult rifles, etc) and it appear, this ability is called overdrive. She will retain her ability called Liberate from the first game as well, though it has not been mentioned if there is any transformation associated with this ability.

There is also going to be the addition of vechicles. (Tank, Helicopter) It is also interesting to see that the storyline is going to be kept alive, as this was one of the most interesting aspects about the game. Battle is not dissimilar to the previous games, but as you can imagine the first two games played similarly to the first Resident Evil games, with this one looking like it is going to play more like RE5 just with mitochondrial powers. The game also will be taking place back in NYC like the first game. Interestingly enough in battle Aya's clothes are apparantly ripped off as she takes damage. Its ok because she is sexy. Below is a shorter version of the same trailer in english. Hopefully that can answer a few of your questions that I couldn't.

I saw that apparantly Aya is in a wedding dress in the trailer, and it makes me wonder if she is going to marry Kyle Madigan who saved her life in the 2nd game:

A few screenshots for your pleasure:

And of course the CGI clips:


BTW: If you find any new information please let me know, as I am a die hard fan of the series!!!
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