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Hype: FF vs XIII. (Not to be confused with FFXIII)


Final Fantasy Vs XIII is part of a 3 game series of which the games pretty much have nothing to do with one another. Of this 3 part series included in the Fabula Nova Crystallis series is the already released FFXIII, FF Vs XIII (the topic of todays discussion) and FF Agito XIII (psp). The game was originally planned to be utilized on the PS2 medium, but was later scrapped to instead release it on PS3 due to the fact that the visual effects would not have achieved the desired effect on an older medium. Which is part of the reason this game has been hyped so much (the project was supposedly started in 2006), and why we have yet to see it.

As most of you already know this game is supposed to have extreme action elements and the programming for the fighting sequences is being handled by the department that did Kingdom Hearts. There has also been whispering that some 3rd party shooting will be implemented into the battle system as well. My guess is that they are first testing the marketing for their new programming regarding the "shooter" aspect of RPG style in The 3rd Birthday. (of which I have also done a hype article on, since that game is almost completed and it seems is in the marketing / sales part of development slated for release most likely late Q1 of 2011.) Below is a really crappy 33 second video of some leaked gameplay, apparantly they are keeping the lid shut tight on this one!

Beyond what I have mentioned above, Square-Enix has been very hush hush regarding the battle system, though numerous trailers detailing the plot have definitely been released on YouTube. One thing that I have particularly noticed, and something that I have been screaming for is a darker themed plot. Director Tetsuya Nomura wants to create CGI battles that have the level of EPIC that is found in FF VII: Advent Children. He has also said (another thing I love if you read my rant on why modern RPG's suck balls) is that there is going to be a real transversable world map. Goodbye to the linearity of FF XIII, thank god. If I had one more piece of garbage (which I would have to say is every FF game from X on to XIII) I was going to drop Square-Enix like a hot potato. Considering they completely ruined one of my favorite series (Star Ocean: The Last Hope) If you have played that game then you know what I am talking about with regard for the first 3 games in the series which were all masterpieces in my opinion.

I have also heard that the world map is going to be HUGE. How huge can only be speculated, but at least you will not be traveling on foot as vechicles will be included for your transportation needs. Expect Airships, Chocobos, Cars, etc. I think this is an important advancement to the game, it removes the linearity of XIII, which most people criticized (especially me, just read my review on XIII) I for one can't wait to have a world as big as Oblivion, that isn't so annoying because you have the ability to travel quickly. At least in my head that is how this game is going to turn out.

Apparantly the game is also going to be seamless with little loading, so I am guessing this is going to be a "must-install" title. Which I definitely have no problem with. The world map is apparantly going to have enemies that are on screen which you can avoid, and will combine that feature with a random battle sequence, so expect to be ambused, while avoiding enemies. This sounds like an interesting combination that I have never heard of before, so hopefully it turns out good, and not too annoying with fighting every 3 damn seconds. They are reimplementing "cutscenes on delivery" basically meaning that while walking around, your cutscenes are going to seamlessly cut in while you are traveling. Hopefully they do a better job of this, then they did with FF XIII. That game had WAY too many story breaks, to reveal non relevant aspects of the story to you, when you simply don't care. I myself literally skipped most of the scenes in that game. Hope was a baby, Snow was a douche bag on a never ending quest to save his girlfriend, and Lightning was basically Cloud as a woman, with no personality, and a mega bitch... Sorry, I got a little off topic there.

From what I have heard director Tetsuya Nomura say so far, the object is to make everything as realistic as possible. The main focus seems to be on the two main characters Noctis and Stella. The plotline is seemingly going to be a "Romeo and Juliet" situation from what I have seen and heard. A fun fact is that Noctis will apparantly have eye color changes which are significant to his personality. I am hoping for Limit Breaks people!!! One could only dare to dream the return of some materia like magic / summon system. If the summons resemble anything like FFX to their more current titles I may just have to jump off a cliff as those summons have ALL been useless.

Noctis is apparantly not going to be just another "Silent Protagonist" to which I must reply THANK GOD. The silent protagonist only works in games where you "choose your own adventure" and by that I mean you choose to be good or bad, and your ending in the game is reliant upon the choices you make. In my opinion there has not been a strong personality main character since FFVII with Cloud, Tifa, and Aeris, and their love triangle. So it is nice to see that they are pulling from previous unadulterated proven success, rather than try and create another concept game that is likely to fall flat on its face with regard to staying power. I have a good feeling that this game is going to be a cult hit that surpasses or is second only to FFVII. I would also like to point out that as far as other characters are concerned there has been little information out on them, but I am guessing the blonde one with the gun is going to be named Cid, just a hunch.

Plot wise Noctis is said to be heir (I have heard him called a King, and a Prince) to a dynasty which is the sole protector of the Crystals. Noctis will be able to utilize his powers from the crystal to teleport, use telekenesis, move at quick speeds, and utilize mayn different kinds of weaponry. (This is another plus to me, as it becomes boring that certain characters are only proficient with one kind of weapon, this intrigues me greatly) Noctis's character / plot inspiration have been directly derived from Japans modern day mafia. So again, expect a darker plot line, and expect some not so easily drawn lines between good and evil.

The other main character's name is Stella. From what I have seen so far Noctis and Stella are enemies, but it is my deeply held suspicion that this is going to be a Romeo and Juliet derivation where they eventually fall in love. Director Tetsuya Nomura has also mentioned that her character is going to be "the first of her kind" in any FF game. This makes me curious to think that perhaps she will be a lesbian, or a long lost sister, or that maybe there will be no Romeo and Juliet type story, I am of course just speculating. From what I have seen so far I am expecting the unexpected, so hopefully my thesis will be proven wrong. Below is the english translation of why I think this is going the route of Romeo and Juliet, along with the extended trailer. Obviously the visuals and music are great so far, hopefully they can be consistant with the rest of the game.

As of right now this game is exclusive to the PS3, but talks of porting to the 360 have been in play. I assume it will be released for PS3 solely, and ported later if the game sells well enough. Also according to Square-Enix the game has no 2011 date set, though I am fairly certain that it will be a Q1 2012 release. I don't know about you but I am extremely excited for this game, and if you find any new information please let me know!!! The basic plot synopsis from the video above is that Noctis and Stella are the only two capable of utilizing the crystals power, hence the runes that appear behind them when they are about to do battle. They are the only two people to have seen the "light' which makes me think they could somehow be related. Though there is apparantly a third Unknown person who may have this power as well. An official meeting regarding the development of the games will be held by Square-Enix on Jan 11, 2011 so there should be some more news regarding this topis soon.

Sources: IGN
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