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Started playing MYZ. Ingenious blending of real-time and turn-based strategy, where positioning your team to ambush enemies is key. So far it’s fun and brutal on hard difficulty, causing me to restart encounters quite a bit. Would love a Deus Ex like th


Happy Birthday Mike!!


I like Mario Sunshine because it has the challenge I felt was missing from Odyssey, but part of that challenge is frustration with controls and platforming. Also I’m starting to hate those levels where you get your jet pack taken. They’re kind of bull


Crazy Adam needs YOUR help to bring G4 back from the grave!


Finished TLOU and Left Behind DLC over the weekend, and started on TLOU2. Very early in the game still, maybe like an hour or two, but I gotta say it gave me an attachment towards the characters I didn't know I had playing the first game. Nearly cried.


Xenoblade Definitive Edition help — I’m getting my ass kicked by the Solidum Telethia boss... any tips?


My original Wii copy next to the definitive edition. What a time to be alive


Took probably 3hrs to do this joycon mod but I like the results! Dpad is nice and clicky, and I also replaced the left joystick and now I’m not getting drift in animal crossing! Really nerve racking pulling out the pieces but definitely worth it!


Happy birthday Gus!


#MyFirstQtoid I feel like this isn’t my first one but oh well. Someone threw away these games and I acquired them. Pretty mint condition. The one to the far right is Legend of Dragoon. Both Shenmue and LoD are missing one of their discs


Current price for turnips in my island is 372 bells. Anyone can visit, the dodo code is DP0VS


if you guys wanna visit my island my gates (and legs) are spread wide open! Dodo Code: 4p78j


Anyone wanna visitor to their island? And vice versa! Turnip prices this morning at 98 bells


Hawt take: my peepee hard


Anyone remember that Mother 4 fan game that was in development for 6 years? Well here it is today rebranded with a new trailer. Looks fantastic!


Good moody mornin'!


Hey guess what I was born today but a long time ago


Mastered a game originally from my childhood according to PSN


So I took the bait on that humble bundle monthly thing for Spyro and COD:WWII and I have a Steam Key for Crash N. Sane Trilogy but I already have it. Anyone want it? Let me know! First come first served.


So did I miss the CTR Nitro Fueled review? Where it at guys


Looks like I still got the CTR skills I had when I was a kid


Been playing Grim Dawn for the past couple days. Really cool game, reminds me a lot of Baulder's Gate Dark Alliance from the good 'ol PS2 days. A bit repetitive at times but otherwise it's good Wish this came out on Switch! Would love to have it on the go


Hey y'all! Did another sketch portrait of one of our dtoid own, @MeeGhoulz!


Y'all are beautiful. I've been in a rut with my digital art trying to come up with things to illustrate but #selfietoid has inspired me to try my hand at you people! Here's our own @WesTacos. If anyone wants me to draw a bad caricature of them let me know


I drawed a picture of the keebler elf what u think


Divinity Fallen Heroes has been announced, supposed to be like Dragon Commander. I love Divinity!!


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