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Using amiibo in box V2.0

I wrote about using amiibo without (entirely) opening the box almost a year ago! NRFB! NRFB!! But with all the new waves,I just got lazy and didn't get to perform surgery on all of them. Now the Cloud in Smash Bros news got me excited and I...


My new art piece (pixel painting)

I like blending videogames with reality, so I decided to make a "pixel painting" or whatever you wanna call it. The pic above might seem too pixelated, and it should! because it's made of itty bitty plastic squares, 32000 in total. I...


Using amiibo without unboxing them

Do you want to use your amiibos without opening them? Check out this curious trick that has baffled collectors for a couple of weeks! I think amiibo boxes are nice, and my friends think so too, so we didn't really want to break them op...


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