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Eshop Games: The Starship Damrey

The Starship Damrey is one of those games that I find incredibly fascinating because it was so close to being something great. A bad game is a bad game no matter how you look at it, but games like The Starship Damrey that don't quite work d...


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I am PekoponTAS. I have tourette's syndrome, and I have been a gamer my whole life.

Lately I've fallen in love with my 2DS and the Nintendo eshop, which is what I want to highlight in my blog from this point onwards. The eShop is home to many great games that sadly go unnoticed due to the big retail games that people buy a DS for. I've grown bored of most of those types of games, so the eShop is a great place to find fun games at affordable prices without a massive hype train for each release. I hope to expose you to some games you may not have considered otherwise. Just make sure you avoid anything published by UFO, and you're set to explore the eShop.