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"You got your Chrono Trigger in my Soulcalibur" or "How Mitsurugi learned to point his drill to the heavens."

So a bit before my excursion to Otakon (which you can read a bit more about on Go For Broke at Tomopop) I decided to mess around with the create-a-character in Soulcalibur. That being so, I churned out a few solid pieces of silver, if not gold.

First up is every bodies favorite aniki, Kamina of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann fame.

I gave him Mitsurugi's style, since he carries around that impossibly sized katana most of the time he's not improperly using a hand gun.

After I was done immortalizing the great Kamina, I decided to make the Chrono Trigger cast, as it's the first thing I try whenever I have a decent create-a-character option. First up is Chrono with Mitsurugi's move set yet again.

Next up is Marle. She and Ayla were difficult since I haven't unlocked many tube tops for the ladies, but I used what I could. I gave her Tira's move set since the option for crossbows doesn't exist.

Following Marle I made Lucca. She and Robo are the ones I'm proudest of. She get Talim's moveset.

I made Frog next, but since I lack frog form options he looks like Piccolo of Dragon Ball Z fame.

I gave him Sophitia's move set since all the character art has him with a sword and shield, though further thought encourages me to give him Seigfriend's move set since Sophitia's moves tend to be a bit more feminine.

I made Magus next. I would like it better if I could give him pointed ears and earrings, but hey, I did what I could.

It was handy that Zasamel uses a scythe.

Next up is the one that I spent the most time with, Robo. Considering there was a lack of robotics in the mode, I decided to make him into a armored rendition of the original design.

Choosing a move set was tough, but I believe I gave him Nightmare's moves and a glowing Soul Edge to boot.

Finally, I made Ayla. I had the same problem with her that I had with Marle, but after some monkeying around I was able to get a decent facsimile.

I gave Ayla a mace as a weapon since the official art has her with a bludgeon.

I think I'm done for now. When I get more parts I'll keep attacking it.
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