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Why are they doing this to us? (NVGR)

I recently stumbled upon this webpage and this one telling us about sequels that are coming out. Many of which should never see the light of day. But who knows maybe we will get lucky and have another sequel like The Dark Knight that was be...


Demo Codes: Why?

Ok, so its rant time. Why the hell would developers make you preorder a game so you can try the demo? Well duh because of money reasons, but honestly... the demo is supposed to demonstrate how good the game is and make me want to buy it. Ex...



So I recently joined the d-toid blogging community and in my first introduction blog, I mentioned at the end that everyone should own a hookah. EVERYONE SHOULD OWN A HOOKAH. Simply put. I don't care if you are anti-smoking, that is not our ...


Greetings from a poor gamer.

Hi everybody! My name is Paul and I am a poor gamer going to school in Chicago. I'm 20 years old and I pretty much play games, go to class, and sleep. Basically what is most important is I am proud to join the D-toid community and I plan to...


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